My Schedule of this year in English !! ぼくの今年の予定を紹介します!! (英語で)

Hello world!! I’m so handsome guy Kazu. Today I introduce to my half year planning Let’s see together!!

My schedule 2013

My schedule in this year.

8/1 Going Manila to see beautiful Filipina.

8/2 Going Singapore to see Merlion and I will disappoint after look that one.

8/3 Going Thailand with my friend and I want to see my Thai friends.

And I’m going to go 
Kingdom of Cambodia to see Angkor Wat.

It is one of my dream when I was child.

8/20 I’m going to come back Japan.

8/21 & 22 I’m looking forward to my Taiwanese friend in Japan.

8/24 or 25 I will go climbing Mt Fuji with my dad because he was climber in univercity.

And then I will go trip Osaka to meet my Japanese and korean friend.

I will start to work like a horse in September……

I’m going to go to Taiwan to meet my Taiwanese friend in October.

After I will go to Australia to use working holiday visa in November.

Maybe my first place in Australia is gold coast or Brisbane perhapsMelbourne…

I want to go to Byron bay to learn new future town. There is nothing franchise chain but a lot of organic food shop.

I hope that I study about organic food because I wanna be chef near future.

If I become chef, I can work everywhere in the world.

Maybe I will go to New Zealand to see my korean friend with my Taiwanese friend Candy.

And finally I’m going to go to Sydney in this year new years eve because Sydney’s new years eve fire flower is really famous in travelers. 

One more things I’m planning to meet my Taiwanese friends in Sydney in December 31 !!

I’m really looking forward to see them!!

Maybe I will spend huge money… and I will go bankrupt near future……

But Please don’t forget “Memory is priceless” I’m sure that I just wrote well said.

Please write these sentence in your heart……

Ok,I’m confident that many girls will give me a lot of love letter after they read this blog!!